The ACU – Absoulute Christian University, is a religious institution, as required in section 1005.06 (1)(f), of Florida – USA, and underpinned by the internal regiment of the administrative code 6E-5.001. Because it is not under the jurisdiction or competence of the Commission For Independent Education, is not required to obtain a license to engage in teaching activities, therefore autonomous in its pedagogical and academic guidelines, complying with its internal regulations, in the practice of quality teaching and in the encouragement of research in various areas of knowledge.

Recognized by the Comission for Independent Education of Florida, offers the most diverse courses distributed in extension, master and doctorate programs.

Theses programmes are recognized in several countries and they are helping students around the world.

The institution keeps the commitment of offering a quality religious teaching, in the online mode, according to market needs, educational technology innovations, and its becoming an excellence in its field.

Its commitment is to promote the social and spiritual development, through knowledge, ethically, sense of relevance, freedom and democracy, open to the world for learning, research and continuing development of human talent, offering a great contribution not only for its students, but for society as well.

Focused on a target public composed of adults who do not have time available, the ACU – Absoulute Christian University has innovated by presenting to its audience the doctrinal postgraduate international programs which, allow everyone to reconcile their personal and family life with their studies, adding an enriching international baggage to their intellectual improvement.

The results achieved in the academic sphere are surprising and can be verified by means of external evaluations, which prove institutional reliability with high rates of spiritual, intellectual and scientific production.


To provide innovative teaching and excellence through a clear interdisciplinary approach, training entrepreneurial, autonomous, innovative, critical and socially and environmentally responsible professionals based on spiritual, cultural, ethical and moral values that meet and exceed the expectations of the labor market.


Be among the best intitutions of Religious Higher Education, in its area of influence, providing the spiritual, social and professional growth of the community in the countries where it operates, through the transfer of technology and competence.


These values have been identified as essential to meet the needs of customers:

  • Ethics – necessary conduct for those who propose to direct a religious institution of education and that implies respect for the rights of others, in the fairness in dealing with resources/goods, in the transparency of administrative and academic acts;
  • Democracy – as the best way for a religious institution, respecting differences and plurality of beliefs, where opinion is almost always the product of reflection by the representation of its peers;
  • Plurality – acceptance of different points of view and ways of approaching the real, the coexistence of opposites, polemic and dialogue as an exercise in criticism;
  • Autonomy – consolidation of the community character preserving the necessary autonomy in the exercise of its Mission;
  • Solidarity – a concept of education with special responsibility in the construction of a more solidary human and a more human world, understanding human as the primary purpose of economic, social, political and legal structures;
  • Commitment – commitments to the community in which it is inserted, through educational actions, developing with its students the critical and effective performance of citizenship, training responsible citizens, capable of exercising leadership of social groups in which they participate, prioritizing ethical, creative and democratic solutions capable of overcoming the problems they may face.
  • Spirituality – because we are a religious institution, we have an obligation to contribute in a clear and objective way to the spiritual improvement of those who share their ideas and thoughts, always respecting religious belief and adversity.

Institutional Mission

To accomplish the institutional mission, the objectives of ACU – ABSOULUTE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY consist in:

  • To train and qualify professionals in the fields of art sciences, education, administration, theology, religion and ministry;
  • To promote the economic development and quality of life of the local population;
  • To offer quality religious higher education to the local community and the population of surrounding cities;
  • To generate, disseminate and apply knowledge that contributes to the improvement of people’s quality of life, taking advantage of the region’s potential, with principles of social responsibility and biological, ethnic and cultural diversity;
  • To contribute to spiritual, technological and social development;
  • Stimulate knowledge of the world’s problems, provide specialized services to the community, establishing with it a relationship of reciprocity;
  • To promote and encourage local and regional culture as a way of preserving the identity of the region in which the institution is inserted, based on the intercultural conception of education;
  • Educate for sustainable development contributing to the elevation of man’s quality of life;
  • To contribute to spiritual, scientific, technological, cultural and artistic progress, considering the pluralism of ideas and respect for scientific, cultural, political and religious conceptions.