I want to express my happiness in receiving you and welcome you, who come to be part of our academic community or who use this site to know a little of our history.

In a changing world, preserving customs is not a good decision.

I remember my father, when in one of our conversations he advised me: “Alexander, always pursue your goals and never give up your dreams”.

ACU – ABSOULUTE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY is an achievement of all those involved, who love education and are dedicated to banishing ignorance.

It is impossible for man to be saved in ignorance (Doctrine and Covenants Section 131. 6).

I hope that in the coming months you will have moments of accomplishment, integration, welcome, sharing, solidarity, understanding the importance of entering a Religious Higher Education Institution, which over the years has as its principle the respect for ethics, belief, tradition, responsibility and seriousness in all its actions towards society.

On behalf of all our TIME, I wish that the years of study you have ahead of you will be an opportunity for intellectual, spiritual, academic and also for personal and professional growth, that from this development you can collaborate and participate in the construction of a more just and solidary society.


Enjoy this precious university time!


Dr. Alexandre Salvador

President of ACU – Absoulute Christian University